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What I did on my Summer Vacation. Day Five.

Got up with the alarm, after a fitful night's sleep. Woke up many times. I suspect I didn't have enough caffeine in my system, as I had a strong craving for diet coke each time I got up (fortunately, I had some, and I finished it off thru the night). Showered, dressed. As I was putting my pants on, I looked at the clock and thought to myself "Breakfast should be here momentarilly. Wait, no. It should be here in about fifteen minutes."... which was followed immediately by a knock on the door. It was early, and disturbingly well-timed. Threw my shirt on, took it off again, turned it around, threw it back on, and answered the door.
I had requested cereal, milk, and a bagel. I also got a fruit bowl and a pot of coffee, which I doubtless paid for. But, I'd signed for it, and she'd left, before I noticed. No big. Whatever. Ate, puttered around for a bit, then set out upon the town.
Hit the Ferry Building, a little before everything was open, but walked slow enough that everything I cared about was open on the second pass. Didn't buy anything, but texted loree to see if she wanted wasabi mustard.
Then I set out down Market and ended up at the Westfield San Francisco Centre. 9 levels high, with 5 levels of Nordstrom on the top. I didn't go to Nords, but cruised the rest. Not many shops I was interested in, tho Tumi held me in thrall for a bit. Before shopping, I got a pretzeldog and a soda from Wetzel's. After, I got an original pretzel and a LARGE soda, and headed back up Market. Decided to head to chinatown, got halfway there, realized A) I needed a bathroom and B) I had no idea where chinatown was and C) I was TIRED. So I came back to the hotel instead. Chilled for a bit, cooled down, used the bathroom (not in that order). Figured out where the shop I specifically wanted to visit was, walked for a while, and hopped a bus to get there. Looked at the shop and was a little disappointed. Nice stuff, but both expensive AND modern. Sorry, for those prices, the stuff better be from two centuries ago. Headed out and continued up to chinatown. Just before I got there, came across a street artist. Guy's sitting there listening to ambient, doing artwork with spraypaint. I watched him for most of an entire painting. I nearly bought it, but didn't want to deal with trying to get it back home. Considered offering to pay him triple to get him to ship it to me. He wanted $20 for it.
On this topic.. I got ONE picture out of my camera today before the battery died completely. The rest of the day I was taking them with my phone, which isn't nearly as good. But I got many of this artist. UNFORTUNATELY, I've run into Yet Another Problem with Tiger... bluetooth file transfer isn't dealing with my phone correctly anymore, so I can't download the images. SO, all remaining pictures will have to wait until I can extract them somehow.
Wandered chinatown, popping into shops that had few shoppers in them. Looked at some swords. Unfortunately, I have expensive enough taste to know that if I can buy a sword without blinking at the price then it's NOT a good sword to buy. But, I found a couple shops I liked, grabbed their cards, will have to look again some other time.
Then, back to the hotel.
Chilled for a bit, then went back to the Ferry Building to buy things. Got a couple of very nice yet dishwasher safe cutting boards, some VERY expensive black salt, some mustards (wasabi, roasted garlic, horseradish), etc. Then hit Quiznos for dinner. Bummed around the hotel room for a few hours, then went out to DNA Lounge. After much fun trying to figure out where to catch the bus. Their trip planner told me to catch the bus where there doesn't seem to be a bus stop. And they put their bus stops VERY FAR APART here. So, much hiking, uphill, to a stop. Then I get there, and find there's a huge line outside. I do not believe there is any club in this world that I would want to go to, alone, enough that I would wait in a line that long. So, more hiking to find a bus stop heading back. Now, back in the hotel, writing and talking on the moo, and pondering sleep. Need to get up in about 7.5 hours, shower, dress, eat, pack, and find a cab to the airport. I shall catch a limo home from seatac (they're actually not noticeably more expensive than a cab). And then I shall vegetate hard for the remainder of the weekend.

Unrelatedly: new icon. And you may consider yourself solicited for more icons or icon ideas.
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