Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

What I did on my Summer Vacation. Day Four.

I just realized I forgot to make my post last night. I posted the pictures, but no entry. Sorry.

So, yesterday I got up at 8am, showered, got dressed, went and had breakfast - more sausage and eggs and waffles and milk - then packed. Didn't take that long. Decided, since it was about 48 minutes to the airport best-case, and I needed to check in no later than noon, and I didn't know where the rental car return actually /was/ or how long it would take, that bumming around the hotel room being bored didn't make sense. So I left around 930. Weather was PERFECT for top-down driving. Mid 70s, mostly overcast, fabulous. Got to the airport with no incidents - yay GPS navigation - and found the rental return. Took longer for me to get my stuff out of the car than for them to check it in, and off I went. Got checked in, went thru security without incident, and went to my gate. Which was, conveniently, almost directly across from the security outlet. Waited around for a couple of hours or so, had some mcnuggets from the mcd's sitting conveniently next to my gate, wandered around to look at shops, then got on my plane. Ride was short and relatively uneventful.

Caught a cab from Oakland to SF, checked in, and basically crashed. Went to dinner at the attached japanese restaurant. Managed to find something I'd eat. Came back to the room, angsted about wasting the day by not going out and doing something. Watched TV, talked on the moo, took pictures out the window. Ordered a pizza, ate the pizza, went to bed.

And that was my first 8 hours in San Francisco.
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