Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

How I spent my Summer Vacation. Day Three

Got up a little before 8, again without the alarm. Got ready, had breakfast - Sausage, Egg, some toast, and a WAFFLE. And some milk. The waffle was good. I shall have one tomorrow as well.
The I bummed around until Lori showed up. She ran a little late, but that's ok. We ended up going to Huntington, looking at some of the old manuscripts - they have TWO copies of Principia. Drool - and then bumming around the garden. I took pictures of cacti and fish and frogs and birds and such. There's also a picture in there of Lori and her truck. It's not her fault; she bought it for her now-ex husband and hasn't bothered to get rid of it yet. She had to work, so after lunch she dropped me back at the hotel. After chilling for a bit, I went to hang out with stillraven for a while. We ended up going to the Santa Monica Pier, which was interesting. More pictures of that, including some sunset shots I liked. Then we looked for a palm-lined street to drive down with the convertible, then took Santa Monica Blvd east. Went thru Beverly Hills into West Hollywood, then up into the hills (passing briefly thru Hollywood). Found Mulholland Drive, drive that for a while. Got semi-lost in the hills. I was kinda hoping to find a vantage that would let me get a pic of the hollywood sign, but it never happened. Eventually, went back to Hollywood proper, got pics along Hollywood Blvd. Then back home.

By the time I'm done in CA, I'm going to have one hell of a sunburn. It'll be great.

Bad news: I didn't bring the charger for my camera and it's starting to complain about the battery. So we may not get a lot more pics. But I'll do what I can.
Tags: vacations
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