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How I spent my Summer Vacation. Day Two.

Woke up at 6:50am or so. Grumped. Then my phone's alarm went off. I turned off the alarm clock before it went off and got up. Got ready. Had breakfast. For a continental breakfast, it was pretty good. Sausage patties, egg patties, french toast (which was cold, so I didn't eat it), cheerios. More sausage. Drove to Jeff's house. With the top down. in 64° weather. Bet the locals thought I was nuts. Met his daughter, re-met his wife. Drove to JPL. Looked thru the museum, the rover test room, labs, etc. Pictures in the usual place. I did /not/ take any pictures of the control rooms. Even the one I could have. But I got to see them.

They have these great big white phones, with lots and LOTS of buttons on them, so you can join various conference channels with other NASA centers. Jeff fears them. I did not, sadly, get a picture.

I /did/ get to see the test area they used to figure out how to get opportunitygrrl off the dune. I /also/ got to watch data coming in from Voyager 2. Not the data itself, just a stream of identifiers that I took for filenames. But the DSN was pointed at it at the time, woot! I've always had an affinity for V2; the whole '77 thing. We hit the JPL Store, and I bought a mars rover lego set, a huggable Mars, a jpl shotglass, a jpl bead that looks like mars, a jpl water bottle, mission patches for the rovers and pathfinder, as well as patch stickers for the rovers for our rover-typists. Apparently, they used to have pewter models of the rovers, for $150, but they were sold out. Pity.

After the tour, we had lunch (at the Crater Cafe, NOT the Mars Cafe), talked for a few hours, then Jeff had to go to a meeting. So I sat in the convertible and listened to music. Then we went back to his place, picked up his daughter, took her to the park for a bit, then went back, got his wife, and went to dinner at the Black Cow. It was decent enough. Nice place, but the chicken fried steak was, on reflection, a disappointment. I've certainly had worse, mind you. Then back to their place, chatted for a while, now I'm back at the hotel. Minimal plans have been made for tomorrow, and I shall go to bed soon.
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