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What I did on my summer vacation. Day one.

At this point, I haven't read LJ for over a month. Maybe I should do that now. Probably won't, tho. Instead, a post!

Slept poorly last night. Had trouble getting to sleep, and staying asleep. Got up at 7. Shower, breakfast, pack drugs and other last-minute stuff. Said goodbye to hotpoint, who caught a bus out an hour or so before I had to go.

beaq picked me up, and we went to my dr's office. I called on the way there and learned that the nurse had /mailed/ the note I needed. So I asked if we could get another. Got there. Waited a bit over half an hour. Got the note. Got dropped at airport. Got my bag checked, went thru security. Didn't need the note, no questions were raised about the syringes. They were packed in a baggy with the insulin itself, so the proximity probably made it clear on the xray. Got some food, 'cause blood sugar was dropping. Went to wait for plane. Missed first-class boarding, 'cause I'm not used to being first class, and wasn't paying attention. Got on the plane. Flight was uneventful. Got to Burbank. Nice airport, tiny, /cozy/. I liked it, actually. Got my car keys. The lady I dealt with liked my hair, purple's her favorite too. I didn't get the mustang convertible. I got a red Toyota Solara convertible. It's actually very nice, I'm happy with it. Got my bag. Didn't have to wait too long, yay. Got my car. Got the GPS hooked up, and got to the hotel with no problems. Got checked in. Girl I dealt with liked my hair, she used to have hair like that too. Snoozed in my room for a little while, then got bored and went for a drive. Hit In&Out on the way back to get a snack/dinner. (If I get a response to an email about dinner later, then it was a snack. Else it's dinner.) It was very good. Tho I didn't know about the Secret Menu, which is good, or I'd've ordered a 4x5 animal style with raw onions.

Now I'm sitting back in my hotel room, burning some mix CDs to listen to in the car and wondering what to do with myself for the evening. With what I'm spending for hotels, car rentals, and airfare on this trip, I don't think I have anything left for hookers and blow. Le sigh.
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