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Where everything goes really well and sucks at the same trime.

I'm *quite* drunk. I just finished off a 60 proof drink, and came upstairs. Thus, I'm drunker than I was when I started up the stairs. jodawi is sitting in my lovesac spelling his ljname for me. He's so cute. I'm.. VERY drunk. sorry.

So. Still confused, but for different reasons. "I can X, I can't Y". Ok, but even the OED didn't help us clarify Y. Heh. It's okay tho. Heh. Tho, more time to talk, less time in hot tub, would have been appreciated. Sokay tho. Some day, there will be enough time to talk. And it's not like it'll lead anywhere, because of the Y limitation. But that's cool. She wasn't invited here for either X /or/ Y, which has been explained. Those they'd both be nice.

Ok. Yawning and defocusing at keyboard. Bye Bye..

BTW: I haven't actually /realy/ lj in about a month, so I'm a little behind. Sorry.
Tags: angst, drunk, girls
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