Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

There's a cemetery near here. I'm sure if you were standing there, you'd head a loud buzzing noise.

Why? Because every yuppie buried there is surely spinning in eir grave.

See, I had about $230 in /credit/ on my macy's card, 'cause I'd overpaid my bill once.
I finally went and spent it.

See, I had this glass footed bowl that I used to keep my syringes in. But it got broken.
So today Loree and I went to the Macy's and replaced it. Also got some other stuff. Burned $215 in one trip, ouch. I bought four cool-looking shot-glass type things, a couple of cool looking glasses, and a lead crystal footed bowl... which now has syringes in it.

They had a couple I liked better, but they were $250 and $225, by themselves, and I decided that was too much to pay.
Tags: consumer whore, more money than sense
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