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Fucking kids, get off my lawn!

Went to Finn's after work direct. Got there right around 6, hung out with cow and happilymyself and some of eir coworkers, and ionan showed up. Then they all left, and I decided to stay. It was a table near the entrance, the doors to the deck were open, a nice breeze coming in once in a while. Read the Stranger. Relaxed. Figured I'd be there for a couple hours, chill out, see if anybody showed up, get bored, and go home.

Just after 8, Pub Golf showed up. 30-50 stupidly-dressed kids, several smoking cigars and not understanding the concept of keeping them outside. I lasted about ten minutes, then had to bail.

I wasn't the only person who felt the need to evac; someone else who seemed like a regular was getting out of there as fast as she could get her check. We commiserated for a bit.

This was the smallest bar tab I've had in AGES. Only paid for nachos and two drinks (the third was free since she forgot to bring it to me for a while). $24 and change. wow.

Now I'm home and bored and wondering if there's anything going on out there in the world.
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