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Accomplished much today. Very tired as a result.

Disassembled the bar. All the booze /can/, in fact, fit on the dining room table. Barely.

took the smaller of the two desktops that make up the bar to add to my computer desk upstairs. This is a lot more work than it might seem. See, I've got five desktops from the Effectiv set at Ikea. Once they were one big huge desk. Then we broke it into three. Loree got two segments, two went to the bar, and one became my desk in my office. Well, I decided I needed more space. So. Fine. Take the desktop off, take the leg off, take off the crossbeam, put the leg back on. Take the pieces upstairs. Clear off the desk, flip it, take off the legs, put on another leg, put the crossbeam back on the new piece, put the legs on, flip everything, align them just right, connect the two pieces together /without/ dropping it on myself (loree was instrumental in this part). BUT, it's done.

So now Cygnus, my mac cube, is back up and running. I gave her the 17" lcd from rukbat, since ruk doesn't need it anymore, and it takes up a LOT less space than her Lucite Monstrosity. The Sparcstations are in the corner, with their Ginormous monitor - hopefully to be replaced with a KVM connected to the 17" LCD - and Feige will return to his previous place, but with the monitors set back a bit. Much improvement.

Lots left to do, like reconnect Feige and rukbat and all the rest. Cygnus is plugged direct into the wall at the moment, which won't last.

I also need to get Cyg fixed. Her disc drive doesn't work (The guy who sold her to me said the DVD drive didn't work and had bought a cdrw to replace it. I tried the dvd, installed the cdrw, neither works), and I discovered today that her second USB port is broken (physically damaged). Hopefully the apple store can still fix Cubes (they could last I asked, but that was a year or more ago).

Sigh. Lots left to do, and a fair amount of time left to do it, but.. I'm SO tired now. Too much heavy lifting, too much holding a powerdrill up against the undersides of things.

Too much whining. Now make with the sympathy so we can all move on with our lives.
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