Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

and one big mess inside my head

Eventually I /will/ exhaust the lyrics of Diana Anaid for entry titles. But not yet.

So, you know how yesterday went.
Today.. let's see, today.
Today I got up. Got my insulin out of the fridge, and promptly dropped the NPH on the floor. I do this once or twice a month, no big. This time it broke. That makes three times since I've been on insulin (12 years now) that I've managed to break a vial. Ok, fine. Fortunately, I've got another one of that type. Sure, it was almost full, sure that's $30 on the floor, whatever.

Then I've got my breakfast, on a tray, and I'm going into the living room. On the tray is a little metal cup with my morning pills in it. Sit down, reach for the pills, and promptly knock them all over the floor. At this point, I'm definitely having a bad day. Fine, you know what, fuck it. They can live without me for a day. I've got a lunch on first hill, I can bus in for that from here just as easily as from the office - ok, it's a little longer, but - and that will be good. So, bussed in, got there early because of bus scheduled, walked around outside for a bit, went to lunch - mm, fettucini alfredo - then back home. Then went shopping.

Staples: an 11x17" quarter-inch graph pad. Some Uniball pens. Four mini keychain sharpies.
Bed Bath & Beyond: A new frame for my Pathfinder stamps (the old one broke). A clock.
Target: six more storage boxes of the type we're using to keep mail in. Simpsons seasons 3 and 5. Underwear. And two pairs of flannel pants for lounging about it.

Now I'm home. Neither West Wing nor pretzel sticks are helping my mood any. But it's better than it started the day, so.

That's something, I suppose.
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