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So, I just had my weekly one on one with my boss.

Talked about our launch plan and what happened with it, talked about some details of someone else so he can flesh out their performance review...

Then we talked about me.

He doesn't like performance reviews to come with surprises, so he wanted to let me know ahead of time that it wasn't going to be entirely positive. Largely because of the fiasco that was iCSS - a poorly managed project that I did particularly poorly on. He notes that the review is likely going to come out a bit harsher than he would have preferred, because of pressure from above, but doesn't discount that I had some fault. I can't really argue that point, of course. We also discussed some of my other flaws, like building up a large backlog of changes before getting reviews. He recognizes that I'm *very* productive, can get thru this stuff faster than most, but it does have a downside, so at the risk of lower productivity could I work on that. Ok, sure. I've been trying to reduce the size of my code reviews anyway, or at least chunk them more logically.

And, some coworker or another has apparently expressed some concern to him that I may be "clinically depressed". So I explained the self-diagnosed manic depression, the fun with doxepin, etc. He just wants to be sure I'm aware the company has resources available, he's not going to hassle me about my hours or whatnot as long as I'm getting my stuff done, and as long as I'm not having a negative impact on my coworkers.

I shoulda blamed in on the sunny weather.
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