Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Yesterday I put the rack back together.

See, I got this free rack, a nice lightweight aluminum one. You've probably seen it in the dining room. Well, it got moved upstairs. We thought we could get it up intact. We were Very Wrong. So I got to disassemble it while it was occupying the landing in the middle of the staircase. That was not fun.

Reassembling it was a lot easier, in a less confined space. And let me tell you, I /love/ my cordless drill. Made it SO easy. Well, that and a set of various screw/bolt heads for it. Piece of cake.

Today, I put the wire shelf back together, in the end of the room. Because of the low ceiling, I had to cut about 7" off the poles on one end of the shelf. That was fun, 'cause I don't have a vice out in the garage. But I managed. So that shelf is back together and in place.

Now I just need to move some boxes around, move a table and a teletype, then I can start moving stuff back into the office from my guest room, and reclaim /that/.

I suspect my weekend may be spent doing that. Anybody care to rescue me from otherwise-certain doom? I'll have the house to myself tomorrow afternoon and sunday morning (and possibly afternoon), so I was thinking of ordering some hookers and blow to be delivered, but then I remembered they keep screwing up my order. I won't even go into the outrageous delivery fees.
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