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Phone Post: Car vs Train, car loses. Lawyer vs train, on the other hand...

312K 1:23
“So, Seattle has some sort of referendum system the same way the state does, right? I'm wondering how well one would fare that required trains... that, that prohibited trains from blocking any given interesection for more than five minutes, while there were cars waiting, during rush hour. Say, ok y'know; 7:30 to 9:30 aaaad, y'know 4:30 to, to 6:30. Something like that. You could not block any intersection where there are c, cars waiting... Maybe there's a minimum number of cars. Maybe there are 3 or more cars waiting, for more than five minutes.
And that would, hopefully, at least during, y'know, prime commuting hours prevent these trains that, y'know, roll along really fast and then slow down and stop. And then back up, the entire length. And then, stop, and do the whole thing again. And then you, have you, have you stopped at an intersection waiting for a train for, uhhh, well it's only been about 15 minutes for me at this point. But, you know, now there's two trains going in opposite directions. At least one of them's getting back to the engines finally.
But, I'm just curious as to how well, you know, that, that sort of referendum would do. I would think it would go fairly well, considering how many people drive in this city. But, I'm sure it would get rather strong opposition from the railroads. I dunno.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
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