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We are not amused.

Yesterday, around 3pm or so, I started to develop hives on my upper lip. Not pleasant. But, whatever. I was in meetings until 4. By then, they're more noticable. The hell with it, I'm going home. Left at 430. By 6, both lips are uniformly swollen. Not fun. They're drying out, which is unpleasant, they make talking weird and facial expression unpleasant. Ok, take more ranitidine. And then more. Then doxepin. Then bed. Woke up this morning and THEY'RE STILL SWOLLEN. Gods damn it to hell. Ok. Mail in sick. Call doctor's office, left a message. Nurse called back to make sure I could breathe (yeah, no problems). Doc's out until friday, she'll grab my chart and consult the oncall. Calls back.

Doc's putting me on prednisone. 15mg, three days worth. Keep an eye on the blood sugars. If they don't call me friday, call them. Doc will be back and hopefully give better pharm.

Suffice, I am displeased by this. I do not want to be on prednisone for my party. I do not want to be covered in hives for my party. But I am *not* canceling my party. Neeeeeed party.

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