Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

N things, something something.

Let's see...

I've done, you probably haven't:
0) I would put 'Impulse-bought a house', but loree did that too. With me.
1) Wrote my own mail client. (Actually I quit halfway thru, 'cause I decided I didn't need it.)
2) Wrote my own SMTP and POP daemons. In a language that - to the best of my knowledge - *nobody* had ever done it in before.
3) Wrote my own web server.
4) Ran over a turtle with a riding lawn mower. (I discovered it a couple of laps later)
5) Added short-urls to a major online retailer's site for personal gain. (ok, so, as of tonight, my officemate Kevin has done this as well, 'cause I told him how)
6) Taken Calculus II three times (I got a D the first two times, and needed C or better for my major. Got a B the third time.)
Added later
7) Received email directly from Pavel Curtis.
8) Been Bipolar, and been on drugs of a type used to treat bipolar disorder, but NOT for that reason.

I haven't done, you probably have:
0) I'll skip all the "liked <food>" things that vixyish used. I could go on almost as long as she can. ;;)
1) Left the country more than once.
2) Left the country before the age of 26.

I've spent two hours working on this list. That's enough for one night. I'll post more if I think of any.
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