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So, we bought new windows, right? For my office, right? The room known as the Bunker, right? As in Storage Bunker 23. (It's a vague reference to Red Dwarf.) As in, the room that we spent several years piling crap in to get it out of the way before parties.

So, they need to get to the walls with the windows, right?
And they need space to work, right?
So, I need to clear out at least half of the room.

It looks kinda weird now.

Where'd all the crap go?
Into my guest room, of course.

Some of it ended up in loree's room, some just shuffled around.

They come to do the work tomorrow.

And then I get to put everything BACK into the bunker, so people can stay in the guest room for the party. Meanwhile, my right arm hurts like hell and the rest of me is very sore.
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