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Grrrrr*scratch scratch scratch*rrrrrrr...

Woke up friday in much the same condition as I ended thursday. Decided I wasn't going to work in the office. Went in to get my laptop, dropping off the doxepin scrip on the way. Picked it up on the way back and took it.

I was asleep by 11am. I woke up at 4 something. Nice. Was a little bit better.

Today, started ok. went to breakfast at alki with loree, came home, played a lot of Mercenaries. Thought about going to the Amazon post-holiday party. Decided, eh, probably not. Around 6pm or so, started thinking maybe I /would/ go after all.

Glad I didn't. Despite a dose of benadryl, the hives are as bad as they were yesterday, and in some places worse (there's one on the left wrist that's very impressive, and there's one on the back of the left ankle that wraps all the way around). Interestingly, the ones on the insides of the thighs and the /outsides/ of the arms are the itchiest. The ones on the calves and on the inside of the arms don't itch much.

So, I'm sitting at home, feeding xvids of seaQuest DSV into the TV from Sedna (I went and paid for Quicktime Pro just so I could do fullscreen). And I'm not reacting to this state of affairs the way I'd expect myself to. I blame that on the Doxepin. It'll be interesting, after I have more data with which to evaluate, to look at what effect it's having on my personality and/or moods. If anybody notices anything in particular, make a note of it and tell me about it later, after I'm off the stuff, k?
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