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Had a meeting this morning with several engineers to discuss whether or not it makes sense to combine several of our YA features, currently implemented as separate 'applications' (free-standing handler/action/display collections) into a single collection with lots of views, so that when changing one thing affects another you can flow into it seamlessly and make all your changes at once. We decided it was the right thing to do (it's what I'd unofficially been saying should be done for a couple of weeks, whenever anyone asked). This afternoon, I met with a couple engineers whose schedules this will directly affect and we worked out a lot of the details. In short, today I have reengineered - tho not singlehandedly, I'll admit - 7 of our most important features. Now we just have to implement it. Sent a couple emails to boss and PM to convince them we're doing the right thing, boss seems to agree we're heading the right direction, PM is concerned about impact on schedule. I argued that it may actually put us ahead of schedule because it replaces a lot of the work two of us were going to be doing over the next two weeks. We made a surprising amount of progress today, and still only spent an hour or so writing code. But from the looks of things, I expect this to go very quickly. We can reuse a lot of existing code from the features we're replacing and get rid of a lot of duplication and unnecessary redundancy.

This has, in short, been a very good day.
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