Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

3 Nov '16

Walked into work to be told the other architect-level dev has given notice. His last day is the day before Thanksgiving. I can't blame him, but I /was/ kinda looking forward to the entire dev team quitting all together. Not that I know anybody hiring an entire dev team right now.

Yeah. Things are starting to come to a head. For gods' sakes, they acquired us 9 months ago and we still don't have access to the corporate intranet, where half the HR stuff we should have access to is. And that's just one tiny issue among many. The new dev, Sara, is doing an amazing job as squeeky-wheel. But things need to get better, one way or another.

Anyway. Apart from that, it was a pretty good day. Lots of back-channel snark, but a good lunch (Schultzy's) paid for by the company, and xbox (halo; oddball, infection, and juggernaut) after the afternoon meeting. I like my team.
Tags: daily
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