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o/~ The secret rulers of the world, they have stolen my girl. o/~

Ok, you know how this one goes.

o/~ 1. Breathe in and take my life in you / No longer myself, only you

o/~ 2. You, there on the bridge, where've you been, what's your name / And you, there on the wall, where will you go to once you fall?

o/~ 3. Alone and bored on a thirtieth century night / will I see you on the price is right?
Barenaked Ladies, It's All Been Done (Stunt) [vixyish]

o/~ 4. Who made up all the rules / We follow them like fools / Believe them to be true / Don't care to think them through
Jem, They (Finally Woken) [ionan, vixyish]

o/~ 5. And I do it all for free / Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need
Voltaire, When You're Evil (The Devil's Bris) [gement, loree]

o/~ 6. Some kind of verb / Some kind of moving thing / Something unseen / Some hand is motioning / To rise, to rise, to rise
Soul Coughing, Super Bon Bon (Irresistible Bliss) [ionan]

o/~ 7. I'll say a word for sickness / she is my favorite mistress / yes, she knows my body like no other can
Jason Webley, Icarus (Only Just Beginning) [manintheboat]

o/~ 8. Everything I did was wrong / Everything I said was wrong / I say I don't mind the failure, but I'm lying

o/~ 9. All of the words you can't say right / Burn my ass with anger to no end / I love my country so much, man / Like an exasperating friend

o/~ 10. Kiss me and tell me it's not broken / Kiss me and kiss me 'till I'm dead / See, I'll give you the stars from the bruised ev'nin' sky / in a crown of jewels for your head, now
Mundy, To Your I Bestow (Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack) [maribou]

Edit: Correct answers inline in italics
Edit: Here are some hints.
* There are currently 5 songs unanswered. But only 4 artists.
* The playlist I used was 'My Top Rated', so it's all songs I've given 4 or 5 stars in iTunes.
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