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Laziness and Impatience. Two out of three.

My moo password has a capital first character. I feel secure telling you this.
Because I'm usually typing fast when I'm logging in, I frequently miss the shift and get a lowercase, or I hold the shift down too long and upcase the second character (which I feel okay telling you is not uppercase). So, it often takes me two or three tries to log in successfully.

When doing this over an ssh session over a network that's lagging for unknown reasons, it can get very aggravating.

I could use tf or some other client, but that's like using a swiss army knife when all I need is a toothpick. I just want the normal telnet client, but I want it to log me in.

So, I pulled down the source and hacked in a new .rc file that lets me specify (in an og-rwx file) a string to send whenever this program connects to a specific host and a specific port. It's basically identical to the .telnetrc file, except instead of commands to telnet, they're text to the server.

I call it telmoot. It works very well. Won't compile on OSX, of course, because it hates me.

Now I sleep.
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