Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

2 Oct 16

Breakfast at Leena's. just realized we never went back to get the insulin pen I left. Will have to try to remember in the morning. Then working on organizing the house. Got a lot of the books moved into the Parlor and the bookshelves all shuffled to one side of the room. Found most of the Kitchen bins. Moved a Lot of heavy boxes around. The parlor is actually usable! More or less. The day bed we bought off the old tenant is accessible. I'm laying there now, as Loree is putting away laundry in the bedroom.

Agent told the seller we're going to drop out offer by $20k because of what came up in the inspection. Seller said $12. I laughed. We're writing it up as 20. If he rejects it, I'll suggest a meeting in person with the agent present so I can explain that $20k was us being generous and that we're done being generous.

I swear every time we deal with him, even tho it's mediated through the agent, I'm left frustrated and angry.
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