Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

1 Sep '16

very good meeting, addressing many frustrations.
comcast outage. For some reason, Vega is still losing about 30% of packets, which is irritating because it's the NAT box. All the other servers are fine, so it's something about Vega. Need to figure it out.
Packed up almost all the directv hardware to send it back.
Having to resync my entire workspace from my laptop, because BitTorrent Sync wasn't. Took the opportunity to reorganize things, pull the third-party stuff out of my main workspace, delete a bunch of stuff I didn't need (but have copies of on the file server). Still have to wait for it to finish syncing tho. Currently says 3 days, but I suspect it should be done by morning.

Anybody want to help us paint on the 18th? We have three rooms that need painting: the sun room, my office upstairs, and the master bedroom. I suspect that we could get them all done in one day, given enough bodies, especially if we get them prepped the day before.
Tags: daily
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