Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

9 Aug '16

Major success with refactoring project at work. An endpoint that started off taking 15s in my dev environment was taking 380-440ms when I walked out the door. AND THERE'S STILL MORE I COULD DO. But it won't help that much; if I comment out the remaining 'slow' bits, it only saves a few dozen milliseconds. So I'm not going to refactor that right now. I'm going to work on another endpoint, and see how it's been improved so far and what's left to make it better. Then the next one. When they're all down to under a second, then I'll worry about the little things.

The first round of bins have been moved into the new storage unit. And we bought more bins. I was less useful than I might've liked, thanks to my wrist hurting more than usual. Took two gabapentin when I got home, and it /still/ hurts. So that's worrying.

Dag/FS memorial bash this weekend. Monday, try PT for the wrist.
Tags: daily
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