Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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So, I've been wanting ferrets for a while.
And now we have a mouse problem. Smelling the ferrets will doubtless drive the mice away (surprising how well it works). So, we advanced ferret plans a bit, and went out to look at them today.

Ended up at Best Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret House. They've got several needing adoption, some of which are getting on the old side. We spent some time playing with several and decided that there were two that we just adored. One named Jack, and one named Jeffrey. See here, scroll down about 40%. They're both on the older side (about 4 years), but they're absolute sweethearts. They play well together, they both seem to like us. At this point, we're thinking of adopting Jack and fostering Jeffrey. We decided not to decide right now. Need to think about the cost, and the effort involved in taking care of them (I /hate hate hate/ cleaning litter boxes), the effort in ferretproofing the house (oy!) and keeping it that way (OY!), whether we'll really have enough time to spend with them (oh, probably), etc etc. I dunno.

Anyway, we've got the adoption paperwork, and some time to think about it.
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