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I've many times seriously considered shutting down MidgardMOO because I was sick to the teeth of people bitching about how I run the place. I just spent 45 seconds (give or take five) reading comments on an lj_maintenance post about problems caused by people archiving out their journals and killing a database. If these are in any way representative of the sort of comments they get - and evidence points to yes - then these people are saints. I would have long ago shut the entire site down, and made sure every hit to the site came up with a big page explaining, in excruciating detail, exactly how much I hate the person viewing the page, and why.

Very glad I didn't apply for the job there. Not that I wouldn't like to lock certain bitchy people out of Amazon, while I'm at it.

And I need a new icon for bitchy posts like this
Tags: bitchiness, kill all humans, people suck
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