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Recovery day.
Got up around 1pm.
Had breakfast around 3.

Copied my music library from Sedna to Feige (now I have to figure out how I'm going to manage the two, esp when I want to stop carrying the full collection around on sedna).
Installed an LJ client for Firefox, which is what I'm using at the moment. 'Cause I'm too lazy to spin my chair around and use Sedna. Plus I felt I should have a client on Feige.

The NYE party was good. Missed a lot of people that couldn't make it, but very happy with the turnout anyway. Met some nice new people. Kissed quite a few people, some with feeling. ;;)

In nothing like chronological order:

Got confused by one:
"Can I <x>?"
"You already are."
"Yes, but if the answer is no, I'll apologize."
"Yeah, but then you might stop."

And was told something by another that was... unexpected, tho not surprising. And will probably need to lead to another conversation later.

And was told something else by yet another that was surprising, but not unexpected. I really fucking hate being right, sometimes.

And talked to someone who was sad, without - I don't know how - attempting to cheer them up. I seem to have learned that there are times you don't try that. I hope they feel better.

I've also learned a few things:
1) Make sure there's hand soap in the bathroom, so people don't have to steal the (not particularly cheap) sandstone exfoliating soap from the shower (which no longer has any sandstone to speak of). Good thing I haven't been using it lately.
2) Clove the fruits less densely. We've only exhausted a cloven fruit two or three times ever, and usually end up with a couple of half-cloved fruits at the end of the party. Better to clove them a little most sparsely, and refill them if neccessary.
3) Need to plan my drinking better. My plan to get drunk and stay drunk fell thru, as I kept drinking stuff that was far too low in alcohol content. I only got drunk once, and only for about 10 minutes. Meh!
4) There is absolutely no arrangement of food, bar, and seating that will prevent bottlenecking in doorways and other narrow spaces. It's a built-in human behaviour that can not be overridden. Tho, I may look into lack-of-motion-sensing wall-mounted cattleprods.
5) [Technically figured out at the NYD party] Cloven fruit are, in fact, attracted to party hosts (or hostesses) more than most others. Which makes sense, of course, since at a given party the hosts have the highest connection score, being - generally speaking - the social hub of the party. Which follows from them, you know, being the ones inviting people. This doesn't mean the host(ess) will always get fruited more than anyone else (I can think of several counter-examples), but there's definitely a sigma or two to their counts.
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