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I really gotta stop doing this....

The home improvement run continues. Statewide is doing a thing this month wherein they're giving a special discount on any window contracts signed before the end of the year. So Gavin came out again tonight, priced out the windows in the bunker (which we've long since decided was the next phase of window replacement), and gave us a new estimate. Between the $458 extra off for doing it now and the various other discounts he's already put together for us brought the total price down from $11+k to $7,888 after taxes. A total of 8 windows in 6 openings, including uncovering the window in the north wall that some previous owner covered over (really. from outside you can see the window, and thru it to the inside of the wall.). Two solid windows for the little openings, two double hungs, and two twin double hungs (two windows in a single large opening, like we have in the sunroom).

So this will be a very good thing. Should take care of a lot of the thermal problems in my office, and make it possible to move the servers up there (as soon as we take care of the electrical problem). And hopefully I can throw the next round of stock options vests at it pretty hard. 10 year financing is nice on the monthly payments, but paying them off will make it easier to do round three (I'm quite keen to get the bedrooms done next). Or we could start looking at redoing the roof (which desperately needs it, and the estimate we got for it would include recreating the original roofline on the existing structure, which should seriously help the house's value). I'm thinking new front/back doors are next, tho. Desperately need them.
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