Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

30 Jan 16

Was reading comics. Then, went and bought an iPad Pro. Have spent the last several hours shuffling iPad backups around to promote every ipad in the house. Sargas (the kitchen weather terminal) gets retired, as it's useless (iPad gen 1). MonkeyPad (L's unit) becomes the new Sargas, Wei (mine) becomes the new MonkeyPad, and the iPad Pro becomes Regor, mainly because I didn't want to wait for Wei to finished backing up. I'll replace Wei with an iPad Air 3 or something in the future, if I feel the need.

All of this would have been much easier if the device backups weren't fucked up and I didn't have to rebackup everything to iCloud. None of the passwords I tried worked to decrypt the local backups, and the only way to clear the passwords is to wipe and restore the device. Very annoying. But, it's all working now.

Still haven't finished reading the comics, of course. ::P
Tags: daily
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