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02 December 2015 @ 10:21 pm
2 Dec 15  
uh.. mostly fighting bugs. hard bugs.

got my ... review? not exactly. Got my raise tho. Also told boss it was /no/ problem that A gets a bigger office, 'cause I got the office I /picked/ and /wanted/. Also I get my own fridge, which is already in place and cooling. We'll likely start packing up the old office tomorrow, and move to the new one on friday. Very excited.

Decided a day or two ago to restart my rewrite of Sightseer. If I'm going to keep it running, I need to get it up to par with modern software, so I can stop running it in an antique docker container that's going to stop starting up properly any day now.

Prior rewrite attempts have focused on a ground-up rewrite and redesign of the data model, making it into something fully relational, with geopolitical layers and so forth.
That's also why I haven't completed any of them. It's a /huge/ project, and I just can't deal with it all alone. S'why Conman makes so little progress year to year.

This time, I'm starting by /just/ making it run, as is, on modern ruby with modern rails. If I can get that much, I can deal with the other bits piecemeal as I have time.
As of this evening, I can load the index page. Which is a lot farther than I started the evening.
sprockets, sockets, grommets & gasketsrandomdreams on December 4th, 2015 04:14 am (UTC)
I'm deep in the middle of "just get it running and worry about all the fancy usability stuff later" right now, actually. Yarrrgh.
Envious of a fridge in your office.