Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

19 Nov 15

Another day working on the new office. Very tired, very sore. We almost finished terminating all the cables.

Not going into the office tomorrow, 'cause the dog walker isn't coming. Might go in this weekend if there's still more to be done.

The new place is looking really good. I'm excited. We'll likely be able to start working there after thanksgiving.

I don't recommend podcasts enough:

Between yesterday and today (mostly the drive home today), I've listened to all the available episodes of Limetown, and after getting home I started The Message (I'm partway thru episode 4). Both are fiction podcasts. Both are kinda creepy. I recommend them.

If you listened to Serial and/or you enjoy wanting to burn the legal system to the ground, check out Undisclosed, which is further coverage of the Adnan Syed case, and regularly makes me want to cause literal physical harm to everybody involved in the "investigation" and prosecution of the original case.

Should I Worry About This is exactly what it sounds like. Two slightly silly women either think of things to worry about or get asked by listeners, and will then research the topic, give some background, and then boil it down to yes or no, with an appropriate amount of circumstantial wiggle room. Revenge porn, left-handedness, flu shots, retirement savings, tattoos, etc.

Stuff you Missed in History Class has two somewhat less silly women telling short stories of, you guessed it, history. A recent one told of "Durable" Mike Malloy, who a bunch of guys tried to murder for insurance money, and it took them a couple of months to manage it, despite all the wood alcohol and metal filings and taxis. There was another about the life of Isaac Newton, and I learned things I didn't know already. A history of moonshine. Christopher Lee. The history of Redlining, which I'd never even heard of before. Liszt, Violet Jessop, Mary Ann Cotton, Calamity Jane, Dr Virginia Apgar... Linda Hazzard, for those as want some (WA) local history.

Welcome to Night Vale. Community Radio broadcasts from a somewhat strange desert town. Do I really need to give any explanation on this one?

99% Invisible is a... let's say "design" podcast. It's full of interesting stories about the world around us. The history of public water fountains. The origins of Monopoly. Military-grade foodstuffs. Missing kids on milk cartons. Usually interesting, sometimes utterly fascinating.

The Memory Palace, by Nate DiMeo, is probably my all-time favorite podcast. It's the first podcast I gave money to, much less did so regularly. I became a recurring backer of the Maximum Fun network when he was there, and now do the same for Radiotopia, which also contains 99PI. The success of their latest fund drive means we'll be getting biweekly episodes of Memory Palace starting next year, which is very exciting. It's another history podcast, but with a very different tone. It's less about the /facts/ per se than about the /story/. So he doesn't go into as much detail as, say, Missed in History would. In fact, if you want a better description, you should listen to Missed in History's episode /with/ Nate DiMeo. If you wanted me to list recommended MP episodes, the list would probably be longer than this post. They're generally pretty short, so if you want to download them /all/ into your podcatcher and listen to them, THEN YOU ARE VERY SMART AND SHOULD DO THAT THING RIGHT NOW. Seriously, there is /no limit/ to how much I recommend this podcast. There are episodes that will make you cry. There are episodes that will make you angry. There are episodes that will make you laugh.
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