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So, our gazebo is here, finally. But, uh, it's stacked against the garage.

The 12-1 delivery time turned into 5:30 (they had another instalation before us that ran long).
Fine, no problem, they've got floodlights, they'll get it put together.
Er, except they can't do it in the rain. And it's *just* started sprinkling aggressively.
Ok, we'll unload the material, tarp it, and they'll come back as soon as they can.
There's a LOT of material that goes into a 12x16 building. A LOT.
Of course, by the time we finished tarping everything up, it's barely sprinkling. Ah, screw it.

So, they should have an opening friday, and if not then saturday.
So, I'm annoyed that I don't have a gazebo. But I should have it soon.
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