Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

5 Oct 15

Realized this morning that my current pillpack runs out before I get back, and the new one doesn't ship until today. Called to see if they could overnight it so I have it before I leave tomorrow. Spoiler: They can.

Took Zot in for recall work. Uber'd to doctor's office. Got the CGM removed and went over the data with the nurse. Some small tweaks to insulin regimen, but nothing major. Car2Go'd back to dealership to get car. Came home, went to post office to pick up a kickstarter package that was sent registered mail from taiwan, got lunch, came home again. Internet went down. Turned out to be just wireless clients. I think the new wifi bridge is fucked up. Turned it off.

Laid out clothes and some of the electronics. Went over packing list. Caught up on Castle. Catching up on Other Space. Put sugru on new headphones to create a flat spot to apply microsuction tape to attach bt receiver / ipod.

Tomorrow, I need to finish packing, pick up a cable gfish truncated for me, and sit around trying to amuse myself until it's time to go to the airport.

Flight is at 00:50 or so wednesday. I arrive around 11:00 local.
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