Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Hmmm. Temptation

So, I've got a little script here that runs every day, and checks the current best-price of a bunch of ASINs (best price being the lowest available new price, or the lowest available used price, or the catalog list price), and mails me if they've changed from the last run.

From today's email, we have temptation:

B0001X4VV0: GoVideo PVP4040 Pocket Cinema Portable A/V Player with 3.5" LCD
Last price: $271.94 on 200412070900
Curr price: $165.00 on 200412080900
Decrease: $-106.94

Tho, it's not that great based on the reviews. But, importantly, it /records/, doesn't just play back. I think that's what got my interest in the first place.

Anybody have opinions on it?
Tags: shopping is hard
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