Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

22 Sep 15

So, yesterday I went to the endocrinologist. She's back from maternity leave. The endo nurse is the one who switched me to the high-concentration insulin. That's worked well, in that the insulin is a lot more effective, but poorly in that it's less flexible, and /requires/ me to eat three times a day, even if I would otherwise skip a meal. I've put on weight, among other things, and had a lot more low blood sugar episodes. So, I mentioned all this to the doc. She's having me switch back to the previous basal/bolus system - I still have all my old insulin - and adding a new drug, which is an insulin sensitizer. So I need to be careful about low blood sugar events, but I have the flexibility back. AND, if it doesn't help, there are other high-concentration insulins coming on the market, so we'll probably be able to do high-concentration basal/bolus, which would be good.
We're also going to get me set up with a continuous glucose monitor, once they can arrange training on it (the one I want /just/ came out).
And I also have an appointment to get checked for sleep apnea.

Today: not much. work. costco.
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