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A Comfortable Rut

> ..are you sincerely interested in exploring ASD more?

It sounds like a good company, good environment, interesting work. A great
chance to get back to a smaller company.

That said: ASD does... directories. It doesn't seem to be a high-reward
sorta thing. Not a lotta geek cred to be earned with that. (Not that my
current department provides much of that either; leaving the Wishlist hurt
in that area). And I'm not really unhappy with amazon at the moment.

Honestly, I'm torn. It sounds very interesting, but with the information
I have at hand, not worth risking the move. I hate that it does, but it
usually does: it comes down to the money. Even with its volatility, the
stock adds a fair chunk to my income, and I can't ignore that. ASD would
have to put forth a pretty significant offer to pull me out of what is a
really fairly comfortable rut.
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