Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

6 Jul 15

Got everything to foot, finally. Mostly, it was bad test data. The test data was taken from supposedly-completed statements. So, that's fun.

Working on my Chronography gem, which I apparently started two years ago and hadn't touched much since, as a replacement for the ad hoc code I had for calculating martian time. It's meant to be a generic calendar/time calculator system, where you can extend it for other clocks/calendars by adding modules. It's got a Gregorian calendar for Earth, and Darian and Aresian calendars for Mars. Just gotta get the calculation of martian date and time working properly. I had some things stubbed out, but I've gone thru the Alison (1997) and Alison/McEwen (2000) papers again and reevaluated some things. I think I'll be able to turn it into something that works well enough for my various needs.

Then I just have to translate it into other languages. I'll probably only do Aresian for those, 'cause that's all I care about.
Tags: daily
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