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So, I know these people know where to find me on the internet. Tom found it faster to look up my resume via google than to have me give him the URL. So it's also possible they know where my journal is, and read it. It's possible - tho I think unlikely - that Tom's checking it right now to see if I wrote anything about our conversation. That in mind...

So, I just got off the phone with the 'Head Developer' (as he was described to me) of All Star Directores. Talked about the job, other devs, oracle vs mysql, perl and php and apache - I could /swear/ there was a mechanism for limiting requests/time based on useragent; am I smoking crack? - and salary vs stock and rewarding work and etc etc etc.

Sounds interesting. Dunno what sorta money they're thinking. It's sounding like it'll probably come down to that - unsurprisingly. Going to try to pop in next week, meet the team, check out the environment, ask the questions I forgot to ask on the phone (benefits, vacation, personal time, flextime, etc etc etc). We shall see.

They're also hiring in a /bunch/ of different categories: product management, development, IT, marketing, etc. If anybody wants the contact info for their recruiter, let me know and I'll pass it along.
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