Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, I'm interviewing for a job. It's on the 15th floor of PacMed, which is not a well-designed floor. And way too crowded. Turns out it's not a bad job, but the work environment could be a problem. They want to put me into a cubicle that's already shared by their three other webdevs. No, that won't do. The director is standing rather firm on this, but the hiring manager is trying to come up with a solution - rather desperately, in fact. Tries to give up his own office, but the director won't hear of it. Manages to find a space he can eject some people from that's barely adequate. I'll have to think about it. So, I'm leaving. Now, this is the 15th floor of Pac, which those of you familiar with the building will realize doesn't exist at the moment, and the elevators stop at 12. So, how do I get down? Well, they managed to extend the elevators up, but only part way. to get into the elevator from 15, you open a little door that's about 1.5' on a side, crawl thru, and land in the elevator. So, fine, whatever. Except...

There are spiders. They've nested around the top of the door. When opening the door, they're hanging there. Several of them. But, to get out of here, I have to go thru the door. So I slide my feet in, and they - the spiders - start moving. They're on me.

This is when I wake up. Surprisingly, NOT screaming.

Managed to get back to sleep an hour or so later.
Tags: abject terror, dreams
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