Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


High levels of doxepin making me very zombie like, but not itchy. Lungs mostly cooperative, tho plenty of phlegm remains.
Not likely to make it to folklife. Not likely to make it to Eurovision. But, going to Portland on Sunday. Might spend most of the time at the hotel, but /going/.

Got some things done with work. Got some things done with not-work. Vela is back up and running on my desk next to Tarazed. I need a KVM, but for the moment switching inputs on the monitor and moving the keyboard between USB hubs is adequate.

Actually considering buying vertical Henge Docks for Thuban and Aladfar. Would be good for my posture, to use them as desktops and not as laptops. Would take up less desk space when using one or both of them, too, and not /much/ more space than they take when I'm not using them (as I tend to stick them into a desktop vertical organizer). Unfortunately, the one for Aladfar would be $120, to Thuban's $65.
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