Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

8 May 15

More moving code.

Got Bodhi installed on the OQO02, but no wifi. It's got an Atheros AR5006XS, and the ath5k driver loads, but no wifi devices show up under either ifconfig -a or rfkill list. Very annoying. Anybody any good at fighting with linux wifi device drivers? I could set you up with ssh access to the machine?

Started switching automatically-paid things over to a different account, so I can just move money in there after I get paid and then know whatever's left in my main account is safe to spend. Got all the little stuff done, all that's left are the bigs ones. Y'know, the ones I really wanted to get moved. But: Verity's website doesn't know about the autodeduct to pay my car loan, so I can't modify it. I'll have to call them. Global Capacity /did/ have our Megapath credentials transferred over so I could log in, but insists on an immediate password change.. With a captcha. Which I tried 15 times, and /know/ I got right at /least/ 13 times. But no, their captcha's broken. I'll have to call them. By this point, I didn't want to risk trying to change Comcast, because I didn't want to end up punching my laptop until it died.

Instead we went to dinner. Went to Huckleberry square, and loree tried chicken fried steak. And liked it. Even asked for more.

Then we drove back along the water. As much as that's possible ti do from Burien to here.
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