Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

19 Apr 15

Finally unpacked the bins from Norwescon. Cleaned up a large fraction of the bunker with the help of tylik's nephew. I'd offered him my old xbox360, and ended up giving him the Wii as well. In exchange, I now have a usable walkway from one end of my office to the other, and nearly every loose cable has been put into an appropriately-labeled box. Went to dinner with loree at highstrike, which was okay. My medium-well no-tomato no-pickle burger came yes-pickle yes-tomato medium, but otherwise good.

I pulled Fomalhaut's old hard drive, since the backups had been lost (Thanks again, Bitcasa!), and am copying important data off it. Also found several other hard drives in boxes I need to identify and possibly extract data from.

Despite being whispersync-for-voice enabled, the Kindle app on my iPhone doesn't acknowledge that I own the audiobook for The Madness Season, nor does it OR my Voyage sync to the listened location. Somewhat annoying, as zeroth world problems go.

Looking at my desk in here, I think I'll have the space to move Vela up and buy the new gaming rig sometime soon. Gotta make some space under the desk first, rearrange the power strips, etc. Also figure out where I'm going to put the monitors. And I should move Atik and Mintaka down to the basement. They don't need to be up here anymore.
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