Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

18 Apr 15

I could swear I did something at least semiuseful this morning. No idea what.
Went to post-con tea party. Talked publishing import/export. I think we came up with a solution that, tho it make the baby jesus cry, will work with the current editors. It involves dumping a bunch of word docs into a dropbox folder and slurping them back in whenever they're updated. Because getting them to edit directly in conman, even with a nice rich text editor, would apparently be worse than pulling teeth. It's also possible I got vague, tentative, preliminary buy-in on replacing the registration system sometime down the road? Hard to say. It was, as I say, vague. But, if "you'll remember to include X and Y, right?" means anything...

Came home by way of LJS. Gave the puppies several hushpuppies to apologize for leaving them locked up for so long. Cleaned off my table and the couch, where a lot of grumpily-flung mail had accumulated. Paid a bunch of bills, not all of which were marked FINAL NOTICE. Ok, only one was, in fact, and it's their own damned fault for sending two nearly-identical bills on top of each other. I paid one, and never got a follow up until this. Jerks.

Also several credit card offers, not all of which are instantly offensive. Tho, I tell ya, if a bank were to come along and offer me a fixed-interest card right now, they'd probably get my business.

Kinda sleepy. Need to go take a fistful of doxepin. Tomorrow, Tracy's coming over to help me muck out the bunker. Hm. I should also disconnect the spare xbox360, since that's what I offered in trade. Not sure about ladders right now. Stairs have been extremely difficult today. PT yesterday was really easy at the time and VERY NOT EASY now. ::/
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