Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

17 Apr 15

medical day!

up at 730, so I could check in for my ultrasound by 9. chatted with the (nurse? tech? pa? not sure her official rank. I'll use Nurse) who ran the machine about my name and other things. Explained the reasons I'd changed it. She could sympathize, noting that when she was young and her italian family ordered pizza, her dad would just give 'Jones' as the last name. It was, apparently, easier than trying to get people to spell and/or pronounce it correctly.

Went and got brunch at Sugar, a bacon-cheese quiche-like thing on a brioche substrate, and a bacon/cheese/egg/potato scone. The scone wasn't that great, but wasn't /bad/. The quiche-thing was pretty good. Sat around the Polyclinic lobby, called PillPack to ask some questions, watched them call a code on someone in the pharmacy, and watched her get wheeled out to an ambulance. Went up for the biopsy. Doc and nurse had apparently talked about my name and its origin, as doc commented on it when he came in, and asked if I'd read Weir's The Martian. He'd apparently just recently read an article about it and the movie being made from it, but hadn't read the actual book. Nurse's husband had just read it tho. Needles got shoved into me, which sucked. It's a lot like getting ears pierced.. it hurts more with each one. BUT, doc's pretty sure he got a good enough sample to ensure we get a firm result.

Went by Costco to pick up drugs, Matt's to pick up lunch, then home. Chilled for a bit, then went to PT. PT was pretty easy, tho I found myself rather tired after I got home. Going back next Wed and Fri, and the following Mon/Fri. We'll see after that.

Signed up with PillPack. Their site has a few minor issues I need to mention to them. But, we'll see if they manage to get my scrips transferred properly. I need to call before they send the first shipment anyway, to ask about a few other items (should I transfer my syringe scrips over, for example?). But, we'll see how it works out. I'm optimistic.
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