Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

9 Apr 15

Back to work. Well, first stopped to get blood drawn. Polyclinic's Madison lab is nice enough, but getting to work after was a mess. Went to Taqueria Tequila for lunch - they have awesome chile verde. Fixed a bug in detecting contact deletion on sync. Talked about what I work on next.

The couch is broken. We need to get it fixed. We shouldn't sit on it until that's done. So I'm poking at cleaning up my office. Ergonomicist will be happy about that, I expect.

Paid my Discover card, which I'd put the con hotel on. Doubletree very cleverly made an entirely new transaction, neither cancelling nor completing the pre-auth they did when we checked in, so I now have /negative/ credit available, even while almost $1200 under the limit. Asshats.

Fixed Bellatrix. By which I mean I finally installed a new OS on the replacement hard drive. Should reinstall it down in the farm.

Starting to figure out when I can buy my new gaming rig. I think "after I clean my office enough to have a place for it" is a good rule. It's more about space than about money. Not /much/ more, but enough.

There is a small forest of monitors on my desk. I should find them good homes.

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