Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

1 Apr 15

So. Tired.

Went to bed around 00:30, got up at 8. Goal was to be at the hotel by noon, which meant leaving by 10. Last minute packing, then loading the car (the bin idea is great, except when you have a bad back. ow.), and we were off by 10:15. Stopped by the post office to drop off netflix, then headed to Dave's for breakfast. Got there only 6 minutes behind schedule. Got to the hotel 15 minutes early.

Room not ready. Not unexpected. Hung around for a while. Checked on room again. Not ready, but being cleaned, should be ready soon. Hung around a while longer, did some green room things. loree twisted her ankle stepping on a bungee cord. Went to check in at 15:30, 30 minutes after hotel checkin time. Room still not ready. Being cleaned right then. Should be ready in just a few minutes. Talked him into giving me the keys immediately anyway. Waited a while, then wandered by room to see if ready, around 15:45, was still being cleaned. Decided to unload car anyway. Rolled four heavy bins to the green room, then took one pair up. Room STILL BEING CLEANED. SAT ON THE FLOOR. Cleaning finished at 16:20. AND MY ROOM KEY WOULDN'T WORK. Went down, bins in tow, to get loree's key. Left bins, tried key. It worked. Went back down for bins. Two trips. Went back to green room, more setup stuff. Met GRRM briefly. Went to volunteer social. Went back to green room, more setup. Sitting. Etc. Came back to room a touch before 22:00, to order room service dinner, found nothing on the menu I wanted. Le grr.

loree is printing stuff while waiting for her food. I'm blogging on the couch, trying to decide what junk food to eat. Kinda hangry.
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