Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

12 Mar 15

So, we went to a plumbing supply store to look for a replacement faucet or valve for the bathtub. no joy. They suggested another place. That place was wholesale only.

Did some searching on the internet, and found places selling faucets that look almost exactly the same. Not parts, but full sets. We've been thinking of replacing the enclosure ring anyway, and it looks like we can get something pretty close to what we want for about half of what it would've been last time we looked, so we'll probably be doing that sometime in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I've reassembled the existing faucet with a vice grip at a handle. Feeling very redneck, but it'll be nice to take an actual shower. I've been feeling kinda gross today.

Other than that, continuing to work on migrating data for work. After work, we did some cleaning of the house to get ready to have some people over on Saturday. Also ordered some folding carts from Amazon for con. We need to start packing for that soon.
Tags: daily
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