Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

22 Feb 15

woke up at a quarter to six, which sucked. got up at a quarter after, played some AC:U. Decided that, unless I wanted to play more of the Companion app, which I don't, I've completed as much of the game as I can. So, done with that. Uninstalled it and AC:BF. I need more XBone games.

Caught up on all my RSS feeds.

Spent a lot of time going thru the main Read Later folder in my instapaper account. Got it down from almost 400 items to less than 100 (99, specifically). Some by reading, some by deleting as no-longer-interesting, some by moving to other folders. Still 2132 items left in the whole account, down from 2268 yesterday.

Still a couple days of podcasts and almost three days of tv to catch up on.

loree and I made jambalaya. Now that it's almost finished, I don't want to eat it anymore. I'm kinda tired, for some mysterious reason. ::P
Tags: daily
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