Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

The Ethics of Madness

Dunno what my thing is with pulling titles from song lyrics and short stories, but there we go.

So, here's a question.
If the majority of people - the vast majority, mind you - break a rule, is it unethical for you to break it too?

I'd say yes under most conditions.

Approaching W Lake Samm Pkwy on SR-520, two entry ramps merge into the carpool lane and become the exit ramp. There's always traffic during rush hour, backed up a quarter mile or so. Single-occupant drivers will, without hesitation, move over to the carpool lane if they're planning to take the exit. I won't go into how this sort of selfish behaviour actually hurts them more than it helps by creating these sorts of problems to begin with. But I have always stayed in the regular lane until the carpool lane /stops/ being carpool. Then I have to fight my way over into a lane of people who either a) don't want to let anybody in or b) are trying to get into my lane themselves. I've always yelled at the people who just pull into the carpool lane, flipped them off if I was in a particularly bad mood, etc. Today, I said fuck it and did it myself. Abandoned the moral high ground, since it was gaining me nothing but irritation and stress.

Still not sure about the ethical implications of this decision.
Tags: driving, people suck
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