Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

9 Jan 15

worky things. conman. been listening to Vorkosigan books.

> > From: Juliet Liu, MD
> > Sent: 1/8/2015 6:46 PM PST
> >
> > Your MRI was denied because your insurance would like you to try physical therapy for 6 weeks first. Which I think is a reasonable route of action.
> Sent: 1/8/2015 6:53 PM PST
> That insurance terminates in /three/ weeks, so all bets will be off at that point.
> Relatedly: I may also have to find a new doctor, as my employer's new insurance plan is unlikely to be accepted by M&J. They're looking at alternative plans, but within the constraints (company size, multiple states, etc) it's not looking good. If it happens, I'll likely be asking you for recommendations. ::(

From: Juliet Liu, MD
Sent: 1/9/2015 9:54 AM PST

I would still like to keep seeing you... Good luck and let me know.
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